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Today, let us dive right in to the thing most women think about – their eyebrows!

As a Beauty Therapist, my most favourite thing to work on, are eyebrows. They can completely transform someone’s face, and to me, that’s some serious magic.

I myself have spent many, MANY years, in search of the perfect eyebrows, and today I’m going to share my secrets.

Eyebrows are one of those things that, no matter what kind you have, whether they be thick or thin, sparse or bushy, a perfect natural shape or they have a mind of their own and like to hold hands whenever possible, every person I know (including men!) have had moments in their lives of complete frustration.

“They don’t match!”

“They are way too thick/thin/dark/light etc.”

“I want eyebrows like the girls on Instagram!”

“I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Here are key points about eyebrows:

They are siblings, not twins. No one has a perfectly symmetrical face, and therefore eyebrows aren’t either. They need to be close to it, but don’t worry if they’re not exactly the same.

There are always going to be trends. Ignore them! Your eyebrows should be designed and shaped for what is going to suit your face and trust me, some trends will not suit you.

Everyone is tempted to try and fix their eyebrows themselves. DON’T DO IT. Go to a professional to sort them out for you. Trust me, I have photographic proof of where I’ve accidentally waxed off half an eyebrow (this is well before I became a professional of course) and I wouldn’t wish that devastating feeling on anyone.

It’s never too late to fix past mistakes. You will have to put in the time to get there, because unfortunately there’s no quick fix, but it’s always worth it.

I could talk about eyebrows for days, and this definitely won’t be my only post about them, but I’m going to leave this here with a photo of my own brows, that I have dedicated 20 years to, to get to this point. They may not suit anyone else, but they suit me, and that’s the biggest secret of them all.

Your eyebrows are meant to suit your face, not anyone else’s.

If you have any questions or comments on this post, I’d love to read them! Hit me up anytime.

Constance xxx